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Generate your token at the click of a button! Just connect your wallet, pick your options and create your token!

Customizable Tokenomics

Creating coins on the memecoingen platform allows you for deep customisable memecoins creating a fun experience for your holders

Fully Compliant & Verified Contracts

All contracts are fully compliant to ERC20 / BSC20 contract standards and are fully usable on Ethereum BSC & Solana (coming soon!).

MemeCoinGen Project Roadmap

We aim to be the hub for all memecoin creators! Helping people easily create the next multi-million dollar memecoin and assisting creators in everything from launch to marketing.

Q2 2021

Launch our ERC20 Coin Generator.

Q2 2021

Allow SafeMoon style customisable Tokenomics!

Q4 2023
Coin Dashboard with analytics to track your created coin.
Q1 2024
Airdrop qualification for users 👀

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